Concepts & Graphic design.
Illustration. Paintings.
Motion design & Animation.

Character design

Assembled into a collage using a frottage technique.

Wallpaper design

For the graphic design bureau Designaid we’ve made these digital illustrations. Because the bicycle is the most efficient means of transport in Antwerp, we started working on this theme. Once we found the right shape for the bike, inspired by the old bmx, we started designing different compositions based on a colour palette. They now use the visuals to share files with their costumers via WeTransfer.


This illustration was made for the Flemisch-European Liason Agency (VLEVA) subcontracted by graphic agency Designaid based in Antwerpen Berchem. One assembled poster design of the 11 different topics/goals that VLEVA achieved that year.


HOT HOT HOT reading sauce.

Abstract Silhouettes

Studie of abstract shapes and colours.


These images belong to an illustration series of game cards designed to help children talk about their feelings in a fun and visual way.

Aan de overkant

Illustration series about a girl who encounters a creature called depression.

Gun smoker

An illustration with a message.


Flower studie