“Inside Out” is designed to make it easier to talk about emotions with children. Because children do not yet recognize and place all emotions, these cards serve as an extra tool because children can more easily link visual images to what they have just felt. In addition to the 22 emotion cards, “Inside Out” also consists of 6 “influence cards” and “environment cards”. This makes it possible to tell a story, so you can quote a scenario yourself or let the child tell about his day, the purpose is to make it more like a game.

You have several methods to do this.


You can ask questions about what happened, for example at school that day.


You can ask the child to tell a story using the cards, it can be about something fictional or specific event/incident.


You can analyze all cards separately, you can go deeper into a card… for example, going into the card “pride”, you can ask what the card means and when they have already felt this emotion, for example. This way you also teach children to understand and recognize emotions faster and therefore also easier to talk about.