Master Project

During my own move, I saw similar processes that we as designers also go through during a design process.

To make the illustrations, I had to take into account the different planes and perspectives of the box. But sometimes I also added my own dimensions and views through illustration, transforming the box into that object. On these boxes I have also added labels and pictograms, on the one hand to make the reference to a moving box. But on the other hand, they also set out instructions and rules for the movers to follow. This includes standard pictograms, but also new ones that, for example, indicate the direction in which the boxes may only be moved, whether they may be rotated during the move or not, whether they will reach their destination, etc.

For the colour palette, I was looking for a combination of colours that communicate both the domestic and the digital. For this I looked for a combination of bright, fresh and homely colours. The bright green represents the whole digitalization of the moving process in my project, the fresh pink and soft rose brown are inspired by modern interior styles.

Example of a 3D translation

Flat 2D visualization (unfolded box)

To make it easier to exhibit the 3D object and to show its composition, I designed a mirror room in which the object rotates so that all sides can be seen.

Moving process, stacking boxes in a space.

This was one of my first experiments in my designed space.
‘Clones in space’

Flat 2D visualisationMoving process, stacking boxes in a space.

In these two videos you can see the essence of my project, the comparison between the moving process and graphic design: the investigation of modular data and how this can be translated into visual images. In the animations I show that my designs are on their own modular, by twisting and turning the different sides of my unfolded box and putting them together differently each time.

On the left is a translation of an easel and on the right of a chair.

Study of how boxes fold together.

These were my very first experiments and designs for my moving boxes.

Study of how boxes fold together.

Study of how boxes fold together.